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Culture on the mountains

Whether you love hiking, climbing and mountain biking, or whether you prefer snowshoeing or alpine skiing in winter, the breathtaking mountain landscapes and the exquisite home-made typical South Tyrolean courses are not the only things waiting for you at Hühnerspiel Refuge.

Hühnerspielhütte Brass Bergkino


Spending the evening at “Bergkino”, the mountain cinema located above Hühnerspiel Refuge, is both unusual and deeply touching. What once used to be the “Hühnerspiel-Spitzlift” seats have been turned into comfortable cinema armchairs. Just like on any ski lift, take your seat, pull down the metal bar and enjoy the show at “Bergkino”, the round-the-clock cinema always providing new and spectacular movies featuring sky lights and nature’s colours on its huge screen.

Scenes are unpredictable and weather-related: lights and shadows can either suddenly or gradually change. Foreground and background landscapes play to depict always new scenarios and images, thus enchanting the viewer and luring him into starting an incredible journey made up of impressive natural light effects.


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