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In summer

A summer trip to Hühnerspiel Refuge

Visiting Hühnerspiel Refuge is a trip you just can’t miss. The view from the hut will win your heart and the local alpine flora will take your breath away.

Given its central position, there are several ways to reach the hut. Hiking pathways are carefully provided with markings and are accessible to both grown-up visitors and small children; exactly what you need for a wonderful family hike.

  • Walking time from Gossensass: 2 hours
  • Walking time from Dachs car park: 1,5 hours
  • Walking time from Braunhof Schmuders: 2,5 hours
  • Walking time from Riedbergalm: 0,5 hours

A wonderful ride

The pathway climbing up to Hühnerspiel Refuge is a unique gem in the Eisacktal Valley. The whole area is surrounded by forest roads also enabling a circular excursion starting from Sterzing and ending up back in Sterzing.

  • Starting and ending point: Sterzing
  • Riding time: 3 hours
  • Vertical meters: 1000 ms
  • Distance: 40 kms
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Itinerary: Sterzing – Braunhof – Riedbergalm – Hühnerspiel Refuge – Gossensass – Sterzing

Further excursions

So many marvellous excursions can be started from Hühnerspiel Refuge. Forest roads and hiking pathways providing excellent links with the surrounding area will welcome you to take pleasant and relaxing circular walks..

  • Climb to Hühnerspiel, Rollspitze or Weisspitze
  • Trip to Zirog and the Ziroger High level walk
  • Full-day trip to Landshuter Refuge (“Refuge Europe”)


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